Exploring Kwikset 917 vs Kwikset 955: Which Fits Your Needs?

Exploring Kwikset 917 vs Kwikset 955: Which Fits Your Needs?

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Checking out the discrepancies between the Kwikset 917 as well as the Kwikset 955 is critical to determine which lock best fits your requirements. Both of those locks offer safety and usefulness, Nonetheless they cater to different Choices and priorities.

The Kwikset 917 can be a typical single-cylinder deadbolt, revered for its dependability and toughness. It operates utilizing a conventional mechanical vital from the outside as well as a thumbturn from The within. This product appeals to people who prioritize simplicity and time-tested security answers. Offered in many finishes, the 917 seamlessly blends with any door fashion or décor, which makes it a versatile option for homeowners.

Conversely, the Kwikset 955 introduces a contemporary twist to the traditional deadbolt with its intelligent lock technological innovation. That includes a modern touchscreen keypad, the 955 eradicates the necessity for keys altogether. Customers can enter a customized entry code to unlock the doorway, presenting a effortless and keyless entry solution. Furthermore, the 955 gives distant entry abilities, letting homeowners to manage and monitor their locks from anywhere using a smartphone app.

One of many essential variances involving the Kwikset 917 as well as 955 lies of their Procedure and obtain methods. While the 917 relies on mechanical key operation, the 955 offers keyless entry via its touchscreen keypad. This keyless characteristic is particularly interesting for individuals who regularly get rid of or fail to remember their keys, and also people that check here prefer to grant momentary use of attendees or assistance suppliers without the hassle of physical keys.

Yet another major difference is their compatibility with smart house techniques. The Kwikset 917 is a conventional deadbolt and won't give any kwikset 917 vs kwikset 955 smart house integration capabilities. In contrast, the 955 design is supplied with clever lock technological innovation, allowing for it to hook up with house automation platforms like Z-Wave or Zigbee. This integration permits buyers to manage their locks remotely, combine them with other clever products, and generate custom made automation routines for additional comfort and security.

Ultimately, the selection concerning the Kwikset 917 plus the 955 will depend on specific Choices and priorities. Homeowners searching for dependable security with a contact of recent usefulness could opt for the 955, though Those people preferring the simplicity and familiarity of classic deadbolts could lean in the direction of the 917. Regardless of the conclusion, both equally locks offer you top quality craftsmanship and safety for peace of mind.

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